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Royale makes the first foldable smartphone

FlexPai Dev Model 128/256
FlexPai Dev Model 128/256
The very first foldable smartphone is a fact. Not a big company like Samsung, Huawai, LG or Mac, but a less known American-Chinese company called Royale introduced this new item in September 2018 at the technology show in Peking. The new product was named FlexPai. The device is a combination of a tablet and a smartphone. The device has a 7,9 inch screen. If you fold out the FlexPai than you can see a screen at the front, the back and the side. Tree screens in total.

Different big smartphone companies are already busy for a long time to develop this technology to make a screen flexible and foldable, With no success until Royale introduced the FlexPai at the end of 2018. Now the pressure is on for other big smartphone companies to keep up with this technology.

The FlexPai is only available in China at the moment. The price for this gadget starts from 1150 euro, this isn’t cheap but the expectations are high not only for the price but also for the technological advantages. Will 2019 be the year of the fold-able smartphone or do we have to wait a bit longer until the big guys are catching up with this technology?