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Tumulus, Obelisks, megaliths, dolmens, menhirs and Memorials

Burial Mounds in Carnac
Tumuli, large Obelisks, megaliths, dolmens, menhirs and Burial mounds were antiquity burial sites monuments. So these people commemorated their gods and their dead. This all happened in 4000 BC, and this throughout the European continent. This is around the time where other civilizations like the Egyptians and the Greeks flourished. People come in large numbers at the monuments in France and Germany, but there are plenty of monuments from antiquity to be found in England, just think of Stonehenge.

Bretagne (France)
Burial Mound at Le Crain du Barnenez
Countless megaliths are found in Bretagne, a French province. Carnac is such a place where many megaliths been preserved. A lone Dolmen can be visited in Dol-de-Bretagne. Furthermore, in Bretagne you also find Dolmens back in Camaret-sur-Mer and Locmariaquer. If you visit Le Cairn du Barnenez than you saw the best preserved burial mound. In the past there have been many more such stones present but in Roman times and the Middle Ages they had no eye for these monuments and these stones were mainly used for new buildings.

Research from the air
Numerous monuments were overthrown by numerous conditions. Sometimes can not see that it is an overthrown Dolmen. Only when you look from the air you can see that it is a monument that usually lie in a particular line or circle.

Big and importance
The Dolmens were usually placed from large to small. The largest Dolmen was probably for a deceased leader, then came a slightly smaller Dolmen for a less important person from the community.

Dolmen at Dol-de-Bretagne
It is sometimes assumed that the Celts are the founders of Tumulus large Obelisks, megaliths, dolmens, menhirs and Mounds but this isn't. These monuments date back to antiquity, and are sometimes more than 4000 years old. The Celts were only from 400 years before Christ. The reason why these monuments are linked to the Celts is because of the conquests of the Romans in this area. They're opinion was that these monuments were used by the Celts as this population lived in areas that were littered with these monuments. And the strips of Asterix and Obelix where the Gaul's walked around with dolmens during the Roman times gives a false impression of how old these Dolmans really are and to what ancient civilizations these stone monuments belong.

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