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The Celts, the highlights and the end of a cultural civilization

The Celts are the peoples and tribes who spoke the Celtic language over a millennium before the beginning of our era and the following centuries.

Their ancestors spread from the core area in Central Europe both to the west and east. Around the beginning of our era, Celtic tribes inhabited the British Isles, Gaul, the Iberian Peninsula and parts of Central Europe and the Balkans.

Celtic languages ​​belong to the Indo-European language family.

Due to the large area and the very long time that the Celts lived they have been able to build a very rich past.

It is sometimes assumed that the Celts are the founders of tumuli, large Obelisks, megaliths, dolmens, menhirs and Mounds but this is not true. These monuments date back to ancient times, some are 4000 years old. The Celtic civilization begun only 400 years before Christ. The reason why these monuments are linked to the Celts is by the conquests of the Roman empire. Their opinion was that these monuments were used by the Celts as this population lived in these areas that were littered with these monuments. It is true that the Celts used these monuments for several reasons but they din't built them.

Celtic civilization trough the ages
Around 400 BC the Celts where really blossoming. Since then this civilization already knew dominoes and dice.

In 387 BC, the Celtic Gauls destroyed Rome with under leading of Brennus and then retreated to the Po-Valley.

Around the year 287 BC was their expansion so big that their people and their civilization permeated large areas of the Balkans and went to settle there as Gala Then in Small-Asia.

Roman conquests
Gaul, where the Celts belonged, was declared as a Roman province of the Roman Empire around the year 51 BC by commander Caious under Julius Caesar. The Rhine is hereby established as a national border. And from then on the area and the people was Gallo-Roman. From then on the whole area was influenced by the Roman superiority. For example, the Romans built their cities, and aqueducts. One of the largest aqueducts that they built is located in Nîmes (Southern France). The Celtic civilization, along with their culture and religion, faded away under the influence and glory of the Roman Empire.

The Celts, once a great and powerful civilization in Central Europe.

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