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20 TIPS to SAVE MONEY and GET RICH - Start now to get RICH

Here we have 20 tips for you to save some money and get rich.
Try one of these tips and you'll certainly save some money. Read and apply the rules.

01. Collect money in a piggy
Every time you have coins in your pocket collect them in a piggy. Open it after 1 year or a special opportunity. It’s up to you how you to spend the money. You can spent the money on things you want, like traveling, or you can save it on the bank.

02. Leave expensive things behind
Don’t buy expensive things if you not really need them, buy a normal car that is less expensive, don’t buy that latest dress but wait a few days till it’s priced out. Live in a normal house without expensive materials or furniture.

03. Invest in buildings
Invest in buildings or building land, or something that is getting better in value with the time, like real gold or silver, but pay attention to bubble effects. In Europe buildings have lost their value after the crisis in 2008.

04. Save on energy costs
Energy costs. If you are building a house make sure you have invested enough in isolating your home and picket the best energy saving choice to warm up your house. The more isolation, the lower the energy costs. Solar panels can be interest if you live in a sunny environment. Heat pomp’s are another alternative, the energy, coming from the ground, can be transmitted to electricity. View more tips to save energy costs.

05. Take risks
Sometimes, you can lose money with this method, but sometimes you can win more on 1 thing than you spent on 5 things. Take note you have to take risks, so do this with money you do NOT really need at this moment or in later times.

06. Stock Exchange
Play with Stock Exchange, it’s tricky but sometimes there or opportunity’s that can happen. Before you go buying shares and sell them, it’s important to be well informed before you buy shares. There are always risks you have to consider before buying shares. Tip: buy shares with money you don’t really need. This is a method to make money with money. There are also less risky ways to make money with your money, for example a term account.

07. Search for rich people
Search yourself a rich man or wife and Mary rich.

08. Rob a bank
You can be a criminal and rob banks or sell drugs, but it’s a very risky business and you can get in to prison because that's not what good people do. My advice: don't rob a bank and earn your money in an honest way.

09. Invest in company's
Invest in a company and get interests and benefits of it. For example if you invest in a building company and you know them will and go there on regular times to buy things, you can ask for benefits like paying less for your bills. Most of the stores give their good clients customer cards, make use of it.

10. Have an own business
Start your own company and get rich. And hope you never get bankrupt.

11. Two houses
Buy or build a second house, a depot or a garage to rent them and get paid by your tenants. If possible build another one and another one and another one.... Do this till you are rich.
12. Gamble 
Get lucky with gambling like the lotto or poker. But be careful, because gambling can let you lose all your money, certainly if you are addicted to gambling.

13. Make a website
It's hard work but with a bit of luck you can get lots of traffic and earn money with advertisements on your website like those of Google ads. Earning money even while you're sleeping. Does this sounds cool. Than start here by reading our articles about: Free tools to build your own websites

14. Negotiate about the price
Negotiate about the price if you are buying things, certainly if you buy big things. Compare prices of other stores, it’s very easy to do this on the internet.

15. Analyze your finances
Make scheme’s of your finances, how many do you have to spent on bills and how many can you save. This can be important if you have to save money to buy larger things like a car or furniture. Trade considered.

16. Networking with rich people
Surround you with important and rich people, learn how they made it and make a network of people and continue to make cash. These people can become handy if you need them, and it’s easier if you know them, if you need them.

17. Famous people earn more
Get famous like an artist on the radio or television, become a star and earn money like you never did before.

18. Invest in yourself
Spent money to educate yourself to a higher level and get a better payment.

19. Ask your boss for more money 
You can always ask your boss to earn more. You have to tell him your benefits to the company you work for. It's worth trying, you can't lose. If you get promoted than you won!

20. Opportunity's
Keep your eyes and ears open, sometimes there are opportunity’s that can be grabbed by you right away. But you have to see them first.

Get Rich and Stay Rich
Getting rich is one thing, but staying rich is another one. This is a very difficult task. It’s not easy to stay rich if you are rich. So don't be a fool with your money and spent it wisely.

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