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Cooper's Treasure map, the series 2017

The series about Coopers Treasure map are exciting to watch. It's all about finding the treasure of shipwrecks located on the original map of astronaut Gordon Cooper that wrote down the coordinates when he flew above the earth with the Apollo 10 a flight mission from 1969 by the NASA. Gordon was like a father to Darrel who's investigating patches of the map since Gordon personally give the real map to Darrel's father.

In the series, that is played on Discovery Channel every Tuesday, you see how Darrel investigate the map with important coordinates to find any clue that probably can give him the ultimate place to search for treasure. Also his father takes an important role in the part of the treasure map. After many discussions Darrel's father gave him the original map that Gordon give him. After some more investigations about the Spanish fleet of Christopher Columbus Darrel decides to put together a team that set seal to the Turks and Caicos Island where many ships stranded an have been left as shipwrecks. Darrel hopes to find treasure inside and around the shipwrecks by diving the coral reefs of 5 potential hot spots that he located by the hand of the coordinates on Cooper's Treasure map. With metal dectectors he and his team already found some grappling hooks that the Spanish fleet used to dig up gold from ships that sonk on the coral reefs of the Island. The question that rises with every episode is: Will Darrell Find Gold near Turks and Caicos Island?

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