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Tesla want to make beautiful solar panels of roof tiles

Tesla famous from it's full electric sport-cars will make roof tiles that function as solar panels. The firm leaded by CEO Elon Musk want to produce just more than electric cars. So by the end of 2018 will be a new challenge for Tesla to produce these solar roof tiles. The concept of blending in solar panels already exists from 2010 but the small tiles were not profitable enough at that time. But with the crisis of the global warming, Tesla decided to make attractive solar panels. The first electronic cars looked like golf carts now they look like super cars. The Tesla sports cars are now purchased by Hollywood and Silicon Valley by the rich and famous elite. The same has to happen with solar panels but for here Tesla focus on the ordinary citizens with smaller budgets.

The Tesla solar panels will be fully integrated in the roof structure. They will almost be invisible. Where theTesla solar roof tiles will be produced is still a secret. But rumors go that they will be made in a factory at Solar City in Buffalo in the state of New-York. Also the price for these panels is kept secret but we certainly will here more about the Tesla solar panels in a few years. Beside solar roof tiles they will also produce Tesla Powerwalls that can produce electronical energy.

Tesla's Gigafactory (source:
In the mean while Tesla revealed that there has been issued a new permit for building a new sections at their Gigafactory 1. The construction will cost around $28 million and will be known as Section G. Tesla's Gigafactory 1, that's located in Reno, had already been costing over more dan 1 billion dolar in construction cost since 2014.

Tesla claims that only 30 percent of the whole factory is build yet. Once the construction is completed, they expect that the Tesla Gigafactory will be the biggest building in the world. What an ambition. In this plant they produce Tesla's Powerwall 2, the Powerpack 2 energy products and later this year they will produce the Model 3 Battery pack at the Gigafactory.

When completed, the whole factory is expected to cost over more than 5 billion dollars and will support over more than 10.000 jobs. Tesla CEO Elon Mush recently said that the plans for a second, third and fourth Gigafactory will be revealed at the end of 2017.

With such a huge capacity to build electronic cars, battery's, powerwalls and solar panels we hope they also make electronic charging stations so that every battery of every electronic car produced by Tesla can be charged otherwise it's useless to expand those gigafactory's and build new ones. So maybe in the other factory's there will be made charging stations. Maybe in the near future electric cars can be charged trough solar panels on the rooftop of these cars so we don't need to charge our cars anymore at all. Solar panels mounted on would give these cars an endless source of power. Than we could drive the world without even stopping once for charging the battery's of our cars. Only than we can speaking of true super cars running on green energy. Hope we see more of Tesla products in the future.

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