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Tesla want to make beautiful solar panels of roof tiles

Tesla famous from it's full electric sport-cars will make roof tiles that function as solar panels. The firm leaded by CEO Elon Musk want to produce just more than electric cars. So by the end of 2018 will be a new challenge for Tesla to produce these solar roof tiles. The concept of blending in solar panels already exists from 2010 but the small tiles were not profitable enough at that time. But with the crisis of the global warming, Tesla decided to make attractive solar panels. The first electronic cars looked like golf carts now they look like super cars and are purchased by the elite in Hollywood and the Silicon Vally. The same has to happen with solar panels.

The solar panels will be fully integrated in the roof structure. They will be almost invisible. Where the solar roof tiles will be produced is still a secret. But rumors go that they will be made in a factory of Solar City in Buffalo in the state of New-York. Also the price is kept secret but we certainly will here more about the solar panels by Tesla in a few years. Beside solar roof tiles they will also produce Powerwalls that can produce electronically energy.

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