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Microtowers, the new trend that will push the desktop PC from the throne.

HP Elite Slice Desktop
Awaye with those big, clunky, ugly Desktop PC's that occupy much space on your desktop. Now there are smaller desktop models known as micro towers. All major brands follow this trend. HP has even modular micro towers with a beautifull design. Most of these micro towers are equipped with the latest components that are also can be found in laptops. These smaller components are as powerful as those in a regular PC. So a smaller PC but without compromising any performance. These computers are very mobile because you can take them with you easely because of there low weight and compact dimensions. With this trend, all ordinary desktop PC's will be replaced in the near future by a smaller model.

Smaller models take up less space
Beautiful designs are possible.
Good performances.
Very mobile.
Low weight.

Microtower often come with less connections.
Very often there is no integrated DVD / Blu-Ray player.
Slightly more expensive than an ordinary PC.

In the future there will be even smaller computers. These computers already exist today in the size of half a smartphone or a very large USB stick. These tiny computers don't have a top performance, are probably very durable, and there is little space for connecting stuff. But the future looks good, as computer components are becoming smaller and more efficient. So in the foreseeable future we will all have our small computer that simply fits into one of our pockets.

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