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Broken link checkers for your website

Internet html files and 404-pagesAs a webmaster you want no errors for your website. A broken link (dead link) is like results in no traffic and eventually no sales if costumers can't find the product if they land on a 404-page. From my experience and many other webmasters, people leave your website immediately if they find not what they looking for and that's not otherwise for your website if they land on a 404-page. So it's necessary that we need to repair broken links in our website.

It is important to check if there are broken links in you website so you can correct it immediately. You could do this manually by visiting every page of your website en click every link on those pages but that's very time consuming. Nothing wrong with it. Actually I did this to in my early days of being a webmaster but there are better ways to check broken links: and Xenu's Link Sleuth. The advantages of these 2 tools are enormousand that's why I want to share these with you.

This is an online tool that checks your website. It's good enough for regular websites that has no more than 3000 pages. I found this tool because I was searching for a tool that also checks https websites since blogger changed their protocol from http to more secured https.

You don't need to install a program on your computer.
It's fast.
It doesn't overload your computer.
Http and Https is supported.

It doesn't check broken images.
It can only checks a maximum of 3000 webpages.


Xenu's Link Sleuth
This tool is well known by many webmasters as the best program to check broken links.

Checks every link, also broken images.
You can use a list of websites that can be checked all together
It's possible to scan 10 pages at once.
You can check as many pages as you want.
For large sites with many pages.

You can't check secured websites beginning with https, only http is supported.
Xenu Sleuth needs many resources of the computer.


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