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srt subtitles won't show when playing mp4 files on Panasonic television.

MP4 has become one of the standard file type to store a movie in high quality. But when you want to play them on your Panasonic television, the problem you face is that the television does not recognize the srt file that counts the subtitles for the movie, even with the latest firmware update of the Panasonic television. But here's the nice part of this post... I solved it.

First you need to do is to name the srt file exactly like the mp4 file.

Than you copy the mp4 and the srt files of that movie into a folder on your usb stick.

Than you need to copy an mkv movie with the srt file of that movie in a different folder.

Plug the usb stick in the Panasonic television,

The next you need to do is play the mkv movie first and load the srt subtitles.

Go back to the main menu and than play the mp4 file.

That's all, the mp4 file will automatically play the srt file synchronized, you don't need to load the srt file, There is even no option to load subtitles.

Another problem solved.

Now relax and enjoy the mp4 movie with subtitles.

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