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Swing Copters the sequel to the Flappy Bird game

Flappy Bird became the most popular arcade game of 2014 and it still continue's. Now there's a sequel: Swing Copters. The game has the looks of an old Nintendo Arcade game just like Flappy Bird does.

The mobile app is made by Nguyễn Hà Đông from Hanoi and published by the Vietnamese GEARS Studios.

You stil can play Flappy Bird for free on your iPhone an Android or online on

Flappy Bird is a simple addictive game, but realy difficult to fly trough all the pipes. And as surprise Swing Copters will be more difficult to play than Flappy Bird.

Allmost everybody is talking about Flappy Bird, I hope Swing Copters will follow the trend.

Play Swing Copters online.

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