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Windows 10 review

Windows 10 is here. It's right: Windows 10. Does this mean that Windows 9 will be skipped? No, because Windows 9 is already here as Windows 8.1 (8 + 1 = 9).

Windows 10 will appear in mid 2015. This is for laptops, PCs and smartphones. People with a laptop or PC that is still running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can perform a free upgrade from their system to Windows 10, this must be done within the year. You may have already sign up for the upgrade app from Windows 10.

Windows 10 should work quicker and easier to use than previous versions.
There would be a new browser that should let you have a better web experience.
Windows 10 and your Xbox can be linked together from now on.
Microsoft HoloLens will be a new feature in Windows 10, which could create high-definition Holograms. So you can make objects appear in 3D in your living room, just like real physical objects.

Windows 10 = free trial backup, a Forewarned is forearmed!!
On the official site of Microsoft you can download the Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO-file. But befor that you have to first sign up for the Windows 10 Insider Program. After you downloaded the ISO-file of Windows 10 Insider Preview. Place it on a USB stick or DVD so you can run the setup.exe from there. But safety first, after installing Windows 10 you can not go back to your previous version. The recovery partition that was previously used by Windows 7 or Windows 8 will not work any more, everything on it will be deleted. The only thing you can do is use the original Windows-install-DVD supplied with your computer. And that's where the shoe pinches, most computers running Windows 7 or 8 do not have such a DVD. Everything is on the recovery partition, so you first need to burn the whole recovery partition on DVD's. This can usually with software that was installed on the computer. These DVDs are usually made just after purchasing the computer, but I know from experience that almost nobody does this. If you decide after several years to still make this DVDs, than you need a lot more DVD's to make a reinstall DVD. Also very important to know is that for the installation of Windows 10 you certainly need to backup all your files to an external hard drive or USB Stick. Otherwise it may happen that the files are simply deleted during the installation of the new Windows.

Download Windows 10 Insider Preview

Disadvantages after installing Windows 10
After Windows 10 is installed on your PC it can that there are plenty of hardware does not work anymore. For example, the sound or the WiFi does not work anymore because there are no drivers available for this hardware. When the hardware will be supported is a guess. It reminds me to the switch from Windows XP to Windows Vista. If you did turn your XP computer to a Windows Vista computer than most drivers were not yet suitable for the Vista version, many drivers of devices where never upgegraded. With Windows 7, there were fewer problems. Here do I go again: a man warned is forearmed!!

If you can wait until the end of 2015 to upgrade your machine to Windows 10 than wait, to avoid problems with hardware that is not yet supported by Windows 10.

More about Windows 10 on the official website.

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