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The perfect MP3 settings and USB format for my Hyundai

Hyundai logo in silver lines and blue lettersI've got a problem with playing MP3 files from my USB-pen on to the USB connection on my dashboard of my Hyundai ix20. After trying all sort of things I found the perfect solution.

Flash-drive format
First I formatted my pen-drive of 16 GB to the NTFS system but that didn't work. After formatting it to FAT32 it all worked fine, the older FAT is allso supported.

The bigger the flash-drive to slower the files are loading. I use a pen-drive of 16 GB with an USB 2.0 connection.

Pick the right MP3 codec
Than I wanted to put some music files on to my pen-drive. First I tough to just copy the audio files from my drive like they are originally in MP3, WMA, OGG, M4A and AAC. Some did work, others where skipped to play. OGG, M4A and AAC didn't work. MP3 and WMA did work sometimes. I found why some did play and others didn't. MP3 and WMA files can be played with many different codecs like there are LAME MP3, Fraunhofer ISS MP3, WMA 9.1 codec and the WMA 10 pro codec. I figured out that the WMA 10 pro codec did not work at all. So I converted all my files to WMA 9.1, stereo, 1 pass at 128 kbps (this determines the quality, the higher the better the quality). After that it all worked fine, and everything was loading fast even with my pen-drive of 16 GB when it was full of WMA files. More about music file formats.

Synchronise music with MediaMonkey Jukebox or another music software
Best way to synchronise my pen-drive by using MediaMonkey Jukebox.

With this music player you can configure my pen-drive in that way, that every file that I want to sync from my PC to my flash-drive, that all types of music files first are converted to the specific format, like I choose the WMA 9.1 codec, 1 pass, stereo, 128 kbps. I sync all my music to the main root on my pen-drive. This method worked the best and fastest for me. If you aren't a fan of WMA you can still choose for MP3. The difference between WMA and MP3 is that WMA has always a better audio quality than MP3 at the same bitrate.

The perfect configuration
  • Use an USB 2.0 pen-drive that is not to big, like 16 GB, the smaller the faster.
  • Check if the pen-drive is formated to FAT32.
  • Convert your music files to the WMA 9.1 codec or MP3 in stereo, 1 pass at 128 kbps.
  • Synchronise the music by the MediaMonkey Jukebox or another music organiser
  • Hope this solution works for your USB connection on your Hyundai.

Hyundai cars that are supported
This solution should work for the Hyundai i10, i20, i30, i40, ix20, ix35 and all other Hyundai cars with an USB connection.


Canadian MGTOW said...

Thanks. Hopefully this will explain why my car plays only the first song of the 20 or so on my usb drive.

-- Canadian MGTOW on YouTube

Unknown said...

I have a Santa Fe 2011 if I put my songs on in one folder all the songs in one folder it doesn't display the artist name just the song title if I put them in each folder of the album then it showed the album in the song is there a way to have just the songs show the artist

ArchiVision Directory said...

At Unknown from November 16, 2017, Did you check all your audio files on the computer to have the correct title tag and artist tag for each song. Maaybe you use a program or sinc toy that does not copy the title tag. How does the file name look like? Try to rename the file like this format: Artists - Title.mp3 , maybe this will help.

ArchiVision Directory said...

At Unknown from November 16, 2017. In wich audio format are the music files encoded? Madybe some audio file types can be difficult to be read from in your car.

Mahler said...

But why WM9?? It is only supported by Windows. I use Linux and for my i20 I always use mp3 @ VBR 192Kb with Lame.

ArchiVision Directory said...

@ Mahler: WMA has always a better audio quality than MP3 at the same bitrate.

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