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Quantum Dots (BT.2020)

Our current televisions have only limited representation of all the colors that exist. This means that we never see the true colors of the actual set on our television screens. The current color palette which is now supported by our television and Blu-ray has become the BT.709 standard.

Now there is a larger color palette that corresponds much better with the visible colors in nature, named the BT.2020 standard. However, it is still a waiting for TVs and source material that support this standard.

How does it work?
A television screen uses three basic colors: green, red and blue. In an LED LCD TV these basic colors are produced by white LED's that give light that are filtered with a color filter. This filter is not sharp enough to bring the pure basic colors forward, we can't see the full basic color. So there is a shortage of contrast to reflect the actual colors. Quantum Dots do offer a solution. Quantum dots are nanoscopic crystals that can transform the light color to another color. Instead of white LED's they use LED's that produce highly pure blue light. Through this way there can be found very pure green and red light. By this technology these basic colors can appear much brighter and more saturated. Thus, it becomes possible to realize a much broader color palette. For example, the BT.2020 can be approached. An added benefit would be that this technology uses less energy because the color has to work less as there has to be produced a blue color because the blue remains instead of switching from and to another color.

There are already many manufacturers that have devices with the BT.2020 standard, using the Quantum Dots or a similar type of technology.

SUHD series from Samsung
Triluminos series from Sony
Color Prime series from LG
Spectroscopy series from Sharp

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