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How to achieve efficiency?

We live in a society where everything evolves faster and faster and it needs to be easier to.

It's human nature that we want to get faster and better tools then we already have, we have always want to be better, faster and more efficient. On the work floor we speak of operation efficiency. There are even people who only work on ways to improve their business efficiency. They use mind-maps, charts and other methods to analyze what can be improved. Seeing or doing things different can also lead to efficiency. The opposite is also possible, less efficiency than before has to be detected as soon as possible and the cause of that has to be corrected as soon as possible to counteract deterioration.

Efficiency is often associated with easy. And this is true, but that is only correct for the final solution and the implementation of the tasks themselves.

Before you can achieve efficiency, you mostly need to solve a problem. And in order to solve that problem you need clever and creative persons who need that little dare combined with a problem solving brain.

We clarify efficiency here on the basis of an example.
The problem: Solving complex calculations in a simple way.
The solution: The program Excel, the tool of choice to solve difficult calculations. Enter some numbers in the cells, write a formula in another cell and you have your solution in no time.

Most people don't realize it but before you even could dream of this solution there was a very long and complicated process preceded before this solution has been reached. A computer program as "excel" needed to be invented. Without such a program, we were forced to use slower systems such as a calculator or our own brains, with many formulas had to be written out.

But such a program would never come there when nobody would have invented the computer. And the computer would not have been there if the transistors, and many chips aren't invented at first if we didn't made the radio first. So we can go on this way, until we arrive at the invention of the wheel. Everything depends on one another. One can not exist without the other. But the other must first be invented, so we can invent another. And therefore we need creative humans with a clever mind to make inventions.

In the evolution of the wheel to where we are now, there is a constant that I just want to enter: Time, and speed. The first inventions took thousands of years to evolve, but according to the more inventions existing the faster new things could be invented. This means that we live in a constant acceleration, where everything evolves faster and faster. On this day, a single person can not keep up as we could do in prehistoric times. But everything of course began in the prehistoric times, when some creative types invented the first wheel, the first spear, the first huts, the first animal husbandry and many more. By increase efficiency you can not only do more but you and everything around you can improve so things get better or work faster than before.

The preparatory work of an efficient system is often very complicated. We need thous clever inventors with their creative, problem-solving spirits who need just that little bit courage to go further. Do you know the ones who invented something by putting their teeth into a project and never let that go for the rest of his life? Those are the people who change the world, and improve efficiency and making everything easier, so we can achieve more on an easier and more efficient way.

We need to be grateful for the creative minds here on earth.

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