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Sights in the High Fens (Belgium)

What can you see in the High Fens in the Ardennes?

Strepy-Thieu, the largest ship lift in the world, with steel cables that are more than 5 cm thick.

The rivers Sambre and Meuse flowing together in the city of Namur.

Promenade des artistes and the sources of Spa. This is a walk by and on "Ruisseau la Picherotte" ith the middel of the forest. There you can walk through the sources of Spa.

Caves of Remouchamps. Here it is possible to take a boat trip.

Dam of Robertville nearby Warche. There you can walk through the forest to a castle.

Coalmine of Blegny is out of order but can be still visited. A visit to this coal mine usually leaves a deep impression to the visitors.

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