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Salmon Mousse (recipe)

1 box of salmon 450g
2 deciliters milk
2 cups of cream
A half of a beef cup
1 dash of cognac
7 gelatin sheets

Discard the skin and the bones of the salmon.
Add the gelatin in cold water so it becomes soft.
Heat the milk until it has approximately 75 °.
Mix the beef cube with the cream, cognac and salmon.
Mix with a high speed in order to obtain a frothy mass.
Take the gelatin, squeeze the water from the gelatin and add the carrier to the hot milk.
Fill the mousse preferably in small glasses and let it stiffen in the refrigerator.

Serve the salmon mouse with a piece of toast. Push, with the aid of a large glass, a round shape from the slice of bread. Toast the bread. Turn the edge in butter, and then turn it in the parsley.
Place the salmon on the toast and work it off with some parsley and some onion.

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