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Molecules are like planets

This might be a controversial statement, but they might be true, not only philosophically but also materialistic.

Here comes the proposition with the necessary explanation.

The molecules that consist of a core and electrons could be proposes as the planets and the sun.

As we continue to go into space to see things from a larger perspective, we can also apply this to our materials, we can magnify the smallest things infinite.

Suppose our planets are the electrons of a much larger whole in our space commensurate as an electron in relation to a piece of material on our earth.

We can compare
The universe = Solid substance obtained by multiple materials
Galaxy and mists = several substances
Solar = molecule of a solid substance
Sun and planets + moons = atoms and electrons (the sun is at the core of a molecule)
Meteors = Liberated electrons
Black hole = Opening from a material to another material

Perhaps on earth there are many so-called civilized electrons fed by atoms like suns with planets around.

The color of the universe
Because electrons can orbiting around the atoms you might argue that the earth and the planets around the sun runs so fast that the universe looks dark or black to us as if we are part of that dark, black material.

May be we have a dark, black universe because all kinds of colors are together, all these colors together gives us the black color. Just as you would mix all colors in paint and then obtain a black color.

Mixing of the materials
By mixing two or more materials you obviously have a different material. Apply this to our universe and then you have an explanation for the many types of galaxies and nebulae consisting of different colors and materials.

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