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How to give yourself a heart massage when having' a heart attack

Imagine it's 19:15 and you just drive home after an unusually busy day. You are very tired, and frustrated. You are very stressed and cooking ...

Suddenly, you feel a stabbing pain in the chest that radiates to your arm and one of your jaws.

You are just 5 kilometers from the nearest hospital removed.

Unfortunately you are not sure if you are able to reach the hospital.

What do you do?

You may be trained in giving CPR, but the teacher didn't explained how to perform CPR on yourself.

How to survive a heart attack when you are alone?

Because many people are alone when they suffer from a heart attack, the heart of the victim will beat irregularly and the victim will begin feeling dizzy, if there is no intervention on time ofcourse.

It only takes about 10 seconds before someone is unconscious.

What do you need to do to stay alive?

Do not panic, but start coughing repeatedly and powerful.

Take a deep breath before each cough.

The cough must be deep and long held as in coughing up mucus from deep in the respiratory tract.

So alternately inhale followed by a cough and that every two seconds without stopping until help arrives or until you feel that the heart is beating normally again.

Taking a deep breath provides sufficient oxygen in the lungs.

The cough movement allows to compress the heart and support the blood circulation.

The regular pressure on the heart will help to maintain a normal heart rhythm as good as possible. 

This way, a patient having a heart attack can reach the hospital.

Do not forget to go to the hospital for a check-up, even if you think the attack is over.

Bring all your family, friends and fellow people aware of these self-reliant chest compressions because most people don't know these techniques. It could save us a lot of lives.

This information comes from the article N. ° 240 the journal of general hospital Rochester.

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