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Clean big windows of big buildings

Safety first.

Protection while working and cleaning windows are necessary!

Some solutions:

Safety belts with straps, safety cables or safety apparature for working at heights should be used as a protection against falls.

Facade hoists and mobile equipment (allowing access to fixed glazing) for cleaning windows and facades are available to carry out maintenance and repair work (thus saving the cost of scaffolding). lf fitted at the right time, they can be used to carry out minor building work (such as fixing blinds, installing windows etc.). With slight modifications, facade hoists and access equipment can be used as rescue apparatus in the event of a fire. The options available include mobile suspended ladders mounted on rails, trackless roof gantry equipment with a cradle, and a rail-mounted roof gantry with a cradle and attached to the roof deck or the balustrade.

Suspended aluminum ladder equipment (for facade access) consists of a suspended mobile ladder on rails. The width of the ladder is 724mm or 840 mm, and the total overall length is 25m maximum, depending on the shape of the building. The maximum safe working load (S.W.L.) is 200kg (i.e. two men and the apparatus itself).

There are some other alternatives available, such as maintenance gangways and cleaning balconies.

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