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Prezi: make online presentations in seconds

With you can make online presentations for free. You just need to register yourself with a new Prezi account or your Facebook account. Once you are logged in , you can start a new Prezi.
Here you must choose a template or a blank one you can adjust later.

Once you have done this you have one large sheet example where you see circles or frames with arrows. The numbers beside the rectangles or circles serve to proceed. From one circle to another As you create your presentation. On the left you will see a bar with all the slides according to the numbers. When you create a new frame you get a new number that is added below the bar.

If you have a frame along with all the text it contains , than you can turn them 90 ° for example. A turn-effect take place when going from one circle to another. You can zoom in or zoom out. The trick is to go to a very small circle in the middle of another circle or frame. Just try it out and everything becomes clear.

Share your presentation
You can share your presentation with a link of your project or you can share it on Facebook by simply click the button.

In some cases it's good to have the hand-outs of your presentation. There for you can download your presentation as a PDF. This is easy if you want to print your presentation.

A final option is to download a portable prezi of your presentation. This allows you to copy the presentation to an USB stick so you can play in places without internet. Once the zip file is downloaded and unpacked, a Prezi.exe file can be found in the folder which can play your presentation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since Prezi is a completely done online, you need to have Internet if you want to customize your presentation or play it from the internet.

Add photos directly via searching on Google images. Inserting YouTube videos or done in a click. The YouTube videos are played directly in the presentation.

Prezi offers many advantages over most presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Visual Communicator.

On the website of Prezi you can find tutorials to make the best possible presentation.

Below you're find such a course.

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