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Free tools to build your own websites

Here are some handy tools to build and maintain your websites.
They are all completely free.

Xenu's LinkSleuth logoXenu's LinkSleuth
This tools we use to detect broken links. So we can see which links don't work, and correct them.

Website: xenulink

This tool is simular to Xenu's LinkSleuth but is less expanded and doesn't crash like Xenu LinkSleuth does.

Website: linkchecker

GSiteCrawler LogoGSiteCrawler
To build Google sitemaps. This program can upload sitemaps and ping it to Google if there is new stuff on your website.


With this program you can upload your file's to an ftp-server.

AlleyCode logoAlleyCode
Handy to work with html files in text format. Tags are automatically recognized to get a structural summary.

Free Photoshop alternative to manipulate photos.


TextCrawler logoTextCrawler
With this tools you can easily substitute some words or phrases in a text or html file.

Website: textcrawler

Kompozer logoKompozer
Grahfic and text orientated html editor.


InfoRapid Search & Replace
This program does more than only replace text in more than one file. It can search for more than one line and has some unique tools to caraterise the search instructions. This free tool made by a German company that builds many company tools like there are an Knowledge Map and MindMaps.

Website: InfoRapid Search & Replace

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