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Zonkey (Zedonk)

Zonkey: a cross between a zebra and a donkey.A Zonkey is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. A very rare phenomenon. They have a gray color like a donkey and white stripes like a zebra. Their body is also shaped like a zebra and a donkey.

Normally donkeys and zebras do not pair together, but there are exceptions. A Zonkey can't propagate, because it misses a chromosome. The family of a Zonkey can only be very small. The pedigree of the Zonkey has a very short course.

In 2013 the Zonkey 'Ippo' saw the light in Italy. The father is a mother zebra and a male donkey (a endangered species from Amiata). Ippo looks at the top and bottom like a donkey and a zebra and it makes noises of a zebra.

That's how nature can create an extraordinary but true phenomenon.
Places where Zonkeys where noted:
- Barbados (2005)
- Wilhelmina Zoo (Stuttgart) (2007)
- Willdlife Park (Georgia, USA) (2010)
- Haicang Safari Park (Haicang, Xiamen, China) (2011)
- Florence (Italy) (2013)

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