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How to get rich

Money by Photgraphs by WM
Everybody dreams about getting rich. Some dream of it every day.

But how do you get rich? And I mean very rich?

Be as popular as a rock or pop star.
Be as good as a very popular movie star.
Be an oil sheik.
Be the boss of a big company like Microsoft.
Make a website or blog where you can earn from its ads.
Marry a king or a queen or someone important that is rich.
Get rich by playing the lotto, but aware that the change to get rich by the lotto is the smallest to succeed of all the things above.

Seriously now, on 20 Tips to save money and get rich you get many tips to save money and get rich.

Do you have more tips to get very rich?

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ArchiVision said...

Surround yourself with important and rich people to learn and take benefits from them.

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