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Free tools to make your computer run faster

Wich system cleaner to use? We compared the best cleaning utilities.
Most of these programs makes a system restore point before you clean stored cashed files, fix’s your register, optimize your computer and clean your hard-drive from redundant file and more.

Advanced System Care v6
Advanced System Care (from IObit)
This is one of the best free tools available to make your computer run faster.
It has an expert mode and more than 20 tools, like Smart Defrag 2, to clean up your computer. It also scans your computer for malicious software. Their is a smart defrag tool available from IObit that can be integrated in the Advanced System Care tool. It even has an Uninstaller that not only can uninstall a program by default but it has an option called: forced
Smart Defrag 2
uninstall. It can uninstall multiple programs at once and you can perform a deep scan after you uninstalled some programs and this all automatic. This is al for free. If you pay for this program you can get more professional tools.
Website: Advanced System Care

TuneUp Utilities
TuneUp Utilities
You can get a 30 days trail to try this very good program.
It works very smooth. The only disadvantage is that you need to pay some dollars after 30 days if you want to keep this excellent program.
Website: TuneUp Utilities

CCleaner is the oldest most popular tool to clean your PC. It cleans good but in the earlier days some computers where getting problems after cleaning their computer. Now it support cleaning cached files from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.
Website: CCleaner

Slim Cleaner
Slim Cleaner
This program is not as know as the programs above but it has many advanced tools to clean junk files. It can even can clean some files that CCleaner can't clean. We use Slim Cleaner as an extra tool to clean after CCleaner did his job. But it has no registry cleaner that is effective enough.
Website: Slim Cleaner

This program is a good alternative for the Advanced System Care software from IObit. But it's a bit to complex to use and you can easily delete file you still need. One advantage: it has a portable installer so you can install it on a stick and run it from their.
Website: Xleaner

The final verdict
In earlier days I was used to use TuneUp Utilities and it worked very good. After searching for a free alternative I ended up with Advanced System Care. CCleaner is a bit to risky to use, Xleaner is not only risky but a bit complex to use. For users with little of knowledge I recommend Advanced System Care. It the best tool I ever used.

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