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Get your computer free from spam, viruses and advertising.

There's nothing wrong with sending and receiving mails, but do know that most viruses are spread through emails.

This can be constrained

If you wish to send a email, start with: all addresses that are still answerable (select and delete).

Many users are sending mails to all there contacts, without any modification or removal of dozens of addresses that occur in those mails.

Don't use the 'ADD'', but the 'BCC' to address your mails, so other people can't see to what other people the mail has been send to.

Then your correspondent receives the mail as 'undisclosed recipient' and you maintain the privacy of those where they still are sending and your recipients and senders.

Another advantage is that your mail is not further aggravate.

All addresses, that remains in mails, are preying for viruses and junk-mail!

We know it, if we receive a lot of mail ... sometimes literally begging mails that or even demand to be redirected.

A child who is seriously ill, and want to receive money is certainly a forwarded mail.

A message about a missing child, that rompts to be forwarded, because the parents are desperate.

Or PPP which would contain a virus.

Or mails where you can predicts it can contain spam.

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