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Herbs and medicinal plants

Here are the most common herbs and medicinal plants that you can integrate into your garden.

These herbs can give dish or soup extra flavor. The medicinal plants can be used against all sorts of ailments but also to flavor a dish or can be processed in tea and other beverages.

Is used in oil form. Can be processed in tea and helps against rheumatism, kidney inflammation, chest and mucosal inflammation.

The end nodes and leaves are used in pesto, sauces and soups.

Ideal for fish and salads.

Tansy (Ragwort)
Helps chronic fever, arthritis and colds. Previously, this herb is often used to induce an abortion. A too high  dose can causes dizziness, cramps, abdominal pain and can be lethal!

The spire-shaped leaves is often used to spice meat but is also processed into vinegar.

Lemon balm
Often used in tea, fish recipes, soups and sauces.

Lemon Verbena (Verveine)
The leaves are mainly used in tea.

Herb that is often used to flavor seafood.

Is processed in vinegar or gives extra flavor in food.

Attention! This plant has poisonous roots and can be fatal. Especially used in the Chinese medicine world.

Spearmint (Aarmunt)
To make tea. It's refreshing and purifying and stomach. Garnish drinks, fruit salads and vegetables.

To make tea for mouthwash. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore also processed in ointments.

For upset stomach and the appetite and promote menstruation.

Especially in salads.

Usually available in ground state. Helps the digestion of legumes such as peas and beans.

This has a strong aroma and can be used in many dishes: pasta, fish, meat, barbecue ...

Aromatic used for its fragrance. Is mainly used in soaps and perfumes. The kitchen is primarily used lavender as an ingredient in Provencal herbs for the barbecue.

Especially the leaves are used in soups and spaghetti sauce. The dried leaves can used by cutting them in 2 or 3 pieces depending on whether you want to add more flavor. It can also enhances the flavors of the vegetables in the soup for example.

Marjoram (Worst Season)
Has an intense aroma like that of thyme but softer and sweeter. Mainly used for preparation of sausages, mince, pork roast, game, poultry, tomato sauce, white beans, potatos and sauerkraut. But you can also experiment with other dishes.

Has a very sharp taste and is sometimes incorporated in salads. Note that you do not expect too much in your processed food because it has a pronounced flavor penalty which soon the rest of your dishes can dominate.

One of the ingredients of pizza and chili con carne. Is also considered as essential oil and has antiseptic properties and uses (cleaning).

Used in traditional cuisine for meat and salads and herb butter. Medically improved the urinary tract, it is good for blood pressure and is used as emmenagogue.

For red meats. Is also used in a bathroom products as it has a strong aroma. Also used as a tea with thyme and sage.

Mainly along with thyme and rosemary to make tea.

Sten ringing (Coarse Chives)
To replace chives.

Used primarily with sage and rosemary in tea processing.

The roots are used in herbal teas. Please note that high doses may cause headaches and breathlessness.

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