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Facts about your cell phone, handy in an emergency (handy GSM facts)

The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobiles is 112.
Even if you are outside the signal area of ​​your mobile service provider.
Call 112 and your phone will automatically search for an existing network and connect you to a local emergency number.
You can form 112 even if your keyboard is locked.

Your car keys are still in the car or in the trunk, you have control and the spare keys are at home?
Then call your mobile phone at a cell phone number from your home and keep your cell phone at + / - 30 cm from the car door.
Let the person on the other side of the line remote from the cell to press the unlock button on the spare key again. VoilĂ , Open Sesame!
Distance is no obstacle, if you stand with closed doors in Spain.

Hidden battery backup (only for Nokia phones).
Your battery is very low and you have no battery on hand?
Form the number * 3370 # and your cell will restart with an additional power of 50%.
This reserve is again recharged when you recharge your cell phone.
Obviously, the charging time may take a little longer.

Make your cell phone unusable when it's stolen.
Dial * # 06 # and your serial number (15 digits) will be visible.
Write this somewhere down and notify your provider (Proximus, Mobistar, etc.).
The provider will block your cell phone and your mobile phone will be totally useless, even with a different SIM card.
You're losing your cell phone but the thief can't start doing really nothing with your mobile phone!

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