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Cloud computing: hot and available!

Everybody into the 'Cloud'!

But what is cloud computing exactly and what can I do with it?

Well it's a very handy tool. Actually is is an online service that contains applications and files.
It runs on an server that can be accessed by any internet browser anywhere and everywhere.
A 'Cloud' can offer you storage space to save your files online and can provide you programs that can edit them. On many 'Clouds' you can choose some free online applications you witch to use.
Off course you need to make an account to access the applications an store your files. Google and Hotmail already integrated their cloud in their services. But you can always get to an professional Cloud with more service like Office 365 that include alle the latest Microsoft Office applications.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
Maximum Scalability.
No downtime or reduces any more, this means less stress less and less costs.
Always availability anywhere, everywhere (if you have access to the internet).
Always a backup of your files (no more data losses)
More on High Availability.
Maximum independence.
Minimum of costs, no need te buy an expencive server.
The programs are always up to date.

What are the disadvantages of Cloud Computing?
You need a good and fast internet connection.
All your data is in hands of an external firm and can block the access to your files if you don't pay their bills.

Graphical programs not yet fully in the Cloud
Graphical programs like AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Inventor or PhotoShop needs many resources.
These programs aren't already fully integrated in the Cloud. It would be a dream to reach big resources to run such programs. But a Cloud is not intendend to be a render-farm.
So you need to run such programs on your local computer along the Cloud.
And if all your data is on the cloud than you need an internet connection with a good upload trasfer like 5 Mbps. Because every time you want to save a file from about 5 MB it can take very long to upload it to the Cloud.

Some popular Clouds:

Google Apps Cloud
Integrated into the GMail service, edit your text and math files online.
Design and store your digital drawings online with the Autodesk Cloud, known from AutoCAD program, very useful for Architects and Designers.

Apple iCloud
With this cloud you can use all your online files on every Apple hardware everywhere on anytime.

By Microsoft, integrated into the Hotmail service, edit your word and excel files online.

Has many free applications.

Office 365
The professional Office applications by Microsoft.

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