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zzongs: A new source for your favorite music!

zzongs, is an online service that provides you very detailed information about artists, songs, versions of a song and releases. Almost everything has a link to more information for example: if the artist is clickable than you be send to a page made for the artist with all the songs, albums and remixes made by that them. If you click on a song than you come to a page with all the possible versions and the length of it. On the end of the page you find the compilations, albums, vinyl's and cd or maxi-singles where you can find the tracks on.

The zzongs is well updated with the newest music available on this moment. By using the search bar you will find the most accurate data you're looking for. There are lot's of music genres and styles included, music lovers of the electronic genre will be very satisfied.

Main changes
The structure of our new website is much more clear than before and works more efficiƫnt new fully responsive for Smart Phones, Cover images, YouTube clips, links to iTunes, Wikipedia, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter for every artist any more.

Older services The older service 'Music Maestro Library' has been stoped. The full project has moved to where it is updated more frequently it has also a faster layout for better user experience.

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