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Friday the 13th... the scariest day ever?

Are you afraid of Number 13?
Things can go wrong on Friday the 13th? Is it true or is it all just superstition?

If you believe in it, this is what you have to do on Friday the 13th:

Don't walk under a ladder.
Don't look to a black cat.
Don't drive a car.
Don't make any appointments.
Stay at home.
Where a rabbit foot (this would give you good luck).
Don't break a mirror (brings 7 unlucky years)
where a horseshoe, or added to your home decorations (brings luck).
Don't look to horror movies.
Don't fly on an airplane.
Don't wear anything with number 13 on it.

13, the worst number ever?
First an explanation about why number 12 is the luckiest and the most complete number in the world: the twelve Apostles of Jesus, 12 months, 12 hours, the 12 signs of the Zodiac.
Now number 13 well it's linked to unlucky because of Biblical and Norse myths. That's why we, even today, fear number 13. The fear goes very far. Most apartment buildings and office towers don't have a 13th floor and no one wants to check in to the 13th room.

For all the human's who fear Friday the 13th... Be the luck with you!

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