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Naturally biodegradable plastics based on natural products such as corn

There are also packages that are already environmentally degradable by nature. These packages mostly based on oil are now made from natural products such as corn. These products can be naturally broken off within a few months or dissolved when we put them in the ground. For now there are floating two big dumps of plastic the size of America in the ocean the islands are about 20 meter thick. There is even plastic found from more than 50 years old on these belts. Surely this cannot be good for our environment. And the belts only get bigger by day. If we don't resolve this problem soon, than soon we all will live on our own garbage dump, then we will live in an even less healthy environment than now already is. We owe this to the governments who in earlier days released their garbage in into the sea and thought they were from it. What will be the next thing? Will be floating in the sea ... on nuclear waste? ... or is this already the case?

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