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Automatically disable synaptics touchpad of your laptop while typing on your keyboard or connect an USB mouse in Windows 7 and Vista

We are going to offer you a solution about 2 things. First we let you automatically disable the touchpad when you type on your keyboard. Second thing where we have a solution for is that when you prefer to use an external USB mouse, the synaptics touchpad is disabled when you plug in the USB mouse.

Automatically disable synaptic touchpad of your laptop while typing on your keyboard
You have just purchased your new laptop but when you want to type some letters, the synaptic touchpad just make it impossible to type a letter. So what you want is: when you are typing on your keyboard that the touchpad is no longer annoying you. You want it disabled when you are typing and be enabled when you're not using the keyboard but want to use the touchpad instead.

We found you a solution: TouchFreeze. It's a free, easy to use small program. It loads automatically when you start up your laptop. The program is settled into the lower right corner of your screen under the tray icons. You don't have to configure anything here, it work as it should be.
Download TouchFreeze here.

Automatically disable synaptic touchpad of your laptop while connecting an USB mouse
Connecting your USB mouse and still annoyed about your touchpad that also point your arrow away. Looks familiar to you. We found again a solution for this problem. When you connect your USB mouse, the synaptic touchpad will be disabled automatically.

1. Go to the control panel (configuration panel) under Windows Start
2. Click the Device Settings tab
3. Check on the 'Disable internal pointing device when external USB device is attached'

Problems solved.

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