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jucheck.exe in Windows 7 what is it? A virus? Or can it be trusted?

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jucheck.exe comes sometimes in a pop-up-screen when using Windows 7. First things first, jucheck.exe is not a virus (like Norton Antivirus says, they are wrong about that). It is in fact a part of the Sun Java UpdateChecker Module. It let you update the Java components on your computer. The updates are save and can be trusted even if Windows say it's an unknown publisher. Windows only want you to say that jucheck.exe can be installed and make changes to your system. By clicking 'Yes', it updates the Java components that are needed for websites that are using the latest Java Code and techniques of the Java(TM) Platform. When jucheck.exe keeps popping up you just have to say 'Yes' to install it. On regular base there will be new Java updates to make sure you have the latest Java technology on your computer.

Download here the latest updates of the Java Platform

Java is also known as Java Runtime Environment (JRE, Java Runtime) or Java Virtual Machine (JVM, Java VM). It's been developed by the company's Sun Corporation and Oracle.

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