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Tips to keep Visitors coming back to your Website

A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account for a major part of their traffic. Returning visitors are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often they return to a site, the more trust they have in that site.

We keep your visitors coming back to your site with the following tips:

1. Start a forum, chat room or shoutbox
When you start a forum, chat room or shoutbox, you are providing your visitors a place to voice their opinions and interact with their peers, all of them are visitors of your site. As conversations build up, a sense of community will also follow and your visitors will come back to your site because they want to know the opinion of other visitors even days later.

2. Start a web log (blog)
Keep an online journal, or a blog, on your site and keep it updated with latest news about yourself. Human beings are curious creatures and they will keep their eyes glued to the monitor if you post fresh news frequently. You will also build up your credibility as you are proving to them that there is also a real life person behind the website. The more human a website or a blog is the more visitors will believe your posts and want to be involved in what you have to say.

3. Carry out polls or surveys
Polls and surveys are other forms of interaction that you should definitely consider adding to your site. They provide a quick way for visitors to voice their opinions and to get involved in your website. Be sure to publish polls or surveys that are strongly relevant to the target market of your website to keep them interested to find out about the results. People found your website after search about a specific topic in a search engine like Google. So the poll should be about the topics that visitors searching for.

4. Entertainment like: puzzles, quizzes, bets, competitions and games
Just imagine how many office workers procrastinate at work every day, and you will be able to gauge how many people will keep visiting your site if you provide a very interesting or addicting way of entertainment. You can also hold competitions to award the high score winner to keep people trying continuously to earn the prize.

5. Update frequently with good fresh content
Update your site frequently with fresh and good content. Every time your visitors come back, they will have something new to read on your site. This is the most widely known and most effective method of attracting returning visitors, but this is also the least carried out one because of the laziness of webmasters. No one will want to browse a website that looks exactly the same as over a year, so keep your site updated with fresh content!

Like on this website. People can write their comments down after reading an article or some text on your website. So this means that you get interaction between the webmaster and the people that read the website. Sometimes people just add some value to the article, many times I get thanks for the great article. There are people that give you information about misspelled words or things that are wrong. One thing about comments that I want to share is: watch out for spam comments!
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