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Get paid without doing anything at work

Everyone wants a good paying job without doing much.
Here's how you can achieve this. It's a little bit tricky but it works. Just remember you have to be clever to solve problems! Just read the 8 steps.

1. First you need to work your own to be a good reliable person in the company.

2. Give them the idea you're always working hard.

3. Do things only you can. Do like it's very hard to accomplish these things, like fixing a computer problem that nobody of your colleges can fix. Take as many time you need for it, if you can fix it, tell your boss and enjoy your increasing popularity on the workfloor.

4. Now you're a 'Hero' that can fix people's problems.

5. Fix problems as many as you can, but don't forget to take as match time you need.

6. Your boss now thinks he needs you all the time, and even thinks his company will not function without your around on the workfloor.

7. Now you can discus for a better payment because you fixed the problems that no one could.

8. Next time you need to fix the same problem, you can do it faster. But you don't let people notice that you can do this faster. Now you have time left to do nothing while you are being paid, yes paid, for doing nothing, just don't let it look like you're doing nothing. Keep saying it's very hard to fix certain problems, while you know the answer for the problem in seconds.

Now in 8 easy steps you know what to do.
Let's fix problems and you will be paid for doing almost nothing.

Note: trying all of these tips are entirely at your own risk!

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