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4 crucial tips for a better health

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. Therefore there are many ways to help you get fit and healthy. But mostly it's a matter of having a healthy lifestyle and stick with this lifestyle. Because those frites, that bag of chips or sweets or that one cigarette is so tempting.

It is not enough to only let the bad things, you also have to do positive things. There are many ways to get fit and healthy and stay fit and healthy. It is not a matter of doing this, but more a way of life. We describe four key elements that you need to do to stay fit and healthy.

Stop Smoking
A smoker can have many benefits from stop smoking. Quitting smoking is not easy, maybe you've already tried this but without success. My motto: always keep trying! It's your health and you have to fight for it. Smoking cigarettes can damage your body very much. By smoking you get a smaller lung capacity and that's the reason for having a physical limit. Carcinogenic substances enter your body through your lungs and increased the chance for having lung cancer. At the very least, it increases, the risk of lung cancer.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. People having enough movement each day, can count on a physically healthy body. And this only give you advantages. When exercising or moving, your entire body is getting more oxygen and waste in the body will be removed faster body, for example by sweating. Not only your body gets the benefits of the extra oxygen but also your brains receive more oxygen and are able to work better. You can do more because of a healthy body. You get a longer endurance, you will be more positive and you are much more favorable. You can get more, you're more active and this has only a positive effect on everything you are doing. And a big plus: you will be less likely get sick and can better cope with stress.

Eat healthy
Do not overdo your body with candy, coffee and greasy food. Don't harm your body by order a suit fries with mayonnaise and a burger every day. Rather than that, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You should eat two pieces of fruit daily. So your body get vitamins instead of useless fat that only will be accumulated in your body.

You know the saying: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". This is exactly what healthy food does. Fruit contains many vitamins, like vegetables. Meat and fish should still be eaten of course. Because fish is rich of omega 3 and vitamin A. Meat restores the necessary protein and vitamin A.

So you don't need to follow a strict diet that you cannot sustain but simply eat healthier.

A walk in nature can do wonders. The forest, the sea air, ... Nature gives you extra healthy oxygen. The sun gives you extra vitamin D. Nature, a wonder for your body. You will get a good mood and it reduce any kind of stress.

So here you have all the most important things you can work on to get a better health.
One very important tip: never give up, keep doing all this because it is a way of life.

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