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The thought alone is not enough (The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D.)

You may have a thought of what you want in life and what you want to be. You should also take action to get there. Many people want to get rich but they can't because they do not know how. The book "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles can help in forming what you really want in your life and how you want to achieve it.

But it will not happen as long as you do not act. You need more than just a thought.

You need determination.
You have to believe in it.
You should never give up unless you see that you must strike a different path.
You must be positive and stay positive.
You need to displace and go out of the way of negative things or try to forget them.
There is only one way and that's in the right direction: forward.
You must come out of your sofa if you know what you want. Go for it.

So with these tips we now can help you on the way to wealth or whatever you want.

The vision and the successes of Steve Jobs
A great example of how to achieve what you want, only from the thought, is Steve Jobs, the chief of Apple. You definitely should see the movie 'Jobs'. In this movie you see the evolution of how Steve Jobs saw his vision and what he wanted to make to how he made it. His vision was to make a computer that needs to feel like a normal human don't need any knowledge of how a computer was made. He wanted that every man could have a computer that was as user friendly as it could be and it most have natural beautiful design. He wanted to make computers with the maximum of capacity fitted into a beautiful design. That wasn't easy to achieve but he did it because he never give up. He always stuck to his plan, even if the company was loss making. He held his dream and he got it.

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