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Nintendo Switch still a hype in 2018.

The Nintendo Switch with blue and red handles
It was an instant hit when the Nintendo Switch was released on 3 March 2017. Now; in 2018; the game console still rocks. Nintendo's Switch has become a milestone in the gaming world.

The Switch is the first game computer that can be played on TV and as a portable game console. It became a success. In the Nintendo Switch you find a pieces of every modern game console. It has a piece of the Game Boy, the Wii and the PlayStation.

A little bit of history
The gadget of the nineties was the Game Boy. A portable gaming computer that ensured years of game fun, a lot of empty batteries, dislocated thumbs and magnificent financial results for Nintendo. The only withdraw that the popular Game Boy has that the game where simple in comparison with the gaming consoles on TV. This withdraw is now totally eliminated with the Nintendo Swich of the Japanese producers.

First hybrid gaming console
The Nintendo Switch is the first hybrid gaming console. You can plug them in to the television like a traditional console or use it as a tablet version in your hands. You can even switch the modus and continue to play the game you was on. This give the gamer a lot of perspectives. Playing a game on the backseat of the car, in the train, on vacation, in the bedroom or on the sofa beside your lover who watches television.

The reinventing of the game console
Nintendo claims that they had reinvent the game console. Some has their doubts but the concept to make a game console that can be played on the television or as a stand alone console is just genial. It's certainly something else than the Playstation and Xbox.

Social happen
Nintendo trays to make gaming a social happen. This was already a fact with the Wii when we where swinging our arms and legs in front of our televisions when where playing virtual tennis, football our doing karaoke nights. The Nintendo Switch will do the same in our living room with some party games. With two handles that can be disconnected from the Nintendo Switch, you can do a dual and shoot like cowboys, milk a cow, do a boxing match or fight each other with samurai swords without splashes of real blood on the wall. The Nintendo Switch is one computer with a lot of options and opportunities.

Off course the Nintendo Switch has some wither's. The console doesn't score like the best when it comes to power. This because you can play on the Nintendo Switch as a portable console it can not hold big CPU's and RAM Memory compared with the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One.

And Nintendo does not yet offer many game title on the Switch console. We hope that this will change because the Wii had the same problem. The Wii eventually didn't reach the big mass because of the few game titles.

The diehard gamers do not have enough with the Switch. And with it's 330 Euro it's a bit to pricey to use it as a second game console beside an Xbox or a Playstation that has the full capacity in power and the lack of many game titles.

Despite the contras the Nintendo Switch has been a hype from the moment it was released in March 2017. And it continues with already 10 million units soled in just 9 months.

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