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New Nokia 3310 make-over

The legendary Nokia 3310 from 2000 will be re-released on March 2017 some 17 years after the first release of the first Nokia 3310. In times where every communication goes with a smartphone does Nokia a remarkable remake over of the world most famous GSM ever. Back in the days the robust but small Nokia 3310 was a bestseller with a black and white screen and buttons to type text. The 2017 version will be in full color but with the known buttons and a every large battery good for more than a week standby without charging. The GSM will also be lighter and comes in flashy colors. The make-over of the Nokia 3310 will cost around 50 euros and is as substantial as before. The only downside is that it only can communicate trough 2G networks from back in the day's. Most of these networks are updated to 4G networks. These networks doesn't support G2 anymore. With other words, the phone will not work in many country's. To let the famous 3310 work everywhere there has to be done some modifications. Than it will be a second big hit around the whole world for Nokia. Many people who don't need a smartphone but just a GSM to phone and send text-messages will be pleased to see those phone's back in the media stores. And of course the classic game Snake will be included on this new 3310

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