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Android TV

Google's Android TV is a new platform in the area of ​Smart TV. Brands like Sony, Philips and Sharp will use this platform in the coming years.

The predecessor: Google TV was a flop. It wasn't intuitive enough, it went too slow and it was much too difficult. This is something Google has been working on very hard and so Android TV was born.

Android TV would be very easy to use in the first place.

There is a range of possibility as streaming apps for music and video.

There is access to Google Play Store where you have access to music, movies and games. Gaming can be done with the remote control, a game controller or your Android Smartphone or tablet. If you're already running a game on television you can safely continue playing it on the Smartphone or tablet and vice versa.

There is a Google Voice Search built in for those who do not want to search long but just want to tell the television what they searching for.

The Cast of Google Android TV offers the possibility of Chromecast. So you can send media from any device to the television long as it is compatible (ie controlled by an Android operating system). You can then continue working on the tablet or Smartphone.

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