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Dammed earth as a building material of buildings like the pyramids from ancient China

Before there was China the country consisted of several powerful dynasties and empires. The leaders wanted to overwhelm their neighbors with their magnificence and greatness. They did this, by building the Chinese pyramids. These look a bit like the pyramids of Egypt and probably built in this time segment. Only the style and the way they were build are differed from those of the Egyptians.

It' a striking fact that they used earth to build the floors and walls. This has been proved by numerous excavations. The fact is that, when dirt is well and long enough dammed, that there can be made very solid structures. The structures seams also be waterproof. The walls and floors where build so strong that the pyramids stand still today. Wood and stone constructions are nothing against it.

Labor by slaves
Throughout the whole day the earth was dammed by slaves with simple tools. They dammed long enough until they obtained a perfect hardness. With this technique of building, with earth, they could build big pyramids. Sometimes the project were a bit too ambitious. Like the Great White Pyramid, located in the Qin Ling Shan mountains, estimated at an altitude of 300 meters. This is about two times as large as the pyramid of Cheops. This pyramid was part of a group of 100 pyramids.

Like the Egyptians, the Emperors of the Chinese Dynasties took numerous guards, food and wealth into their grave. First they took living slaves, women and bodyguards until one of the emperors decided to let them guard by a sculpted people like the Terracotta Army. Yes the famous Terracotta Army of China. No people needed anymore to be sacrificed. And the population didn't rebelled no longer against the many sacrifices.

Landscape and modern China
Most of these pyramids are disguised as hills with lots of trees, shrubs and grass. But make no mistake, under this natural disguise are still certain treasures, beautiful architecture and wealth that was taken to the graves. There are many overgrown pyramids that affect the Chinese landscape. Unfortunately, the Chinese government and people don't give much attention to this rich history and ancient culture. So there are plenty of roads between the pyramids. The legacy of Chinese culture and history is apparently not important enough.

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