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Checklist for building a website

Provide a neat layout. Let your website centered vertically and horizontally if it has a better result.

Responsive. Make your website responsive from the start or turn it in to a responsive website if you already have one. A responsive website scores better in Google than when it's not responsive. Why? Because it's all about user experience, and the user is often surfing with his iPad or Smart-phone, so the layout of your website has to addept to those small screens while the website is readable and loads fast.

Choose your domain name carefully. Note the words that visitors will move most.

Additional domain names need to refer properly, also called forward or redirecting of webpage's.

Check the cost of the domain and host charges and improve where possible.

Check out witch code language are supported. Many host companies supports ASP and PHP coding language if you need it.

Let's write an article about your website, this article may be published on another website or magazine.

Provide your website with a Facebook like button and other social media such as Twitter, Digit, Reddit, StumbleUp ...  Make social media buttons for your website.

Provide a good logo of your company or organization.

Make sure that all the text on your website is unique and can be clearly understood and is written without spelling errors.

Use Google Analytics to understand your target group of people and understand what they are looking for.

Use Google Webmasters to get even more insight into searches and any errors on your website.

Use a program like Xenu Sleuth's Links to detect bad links in your website.

Organizations need to provide their contact information on an easily accessible way on the website.

Describe carefully the title tags and keyword tags at the beginning of the html code.

Make your html code as minimum as possible and without mistakes. One wrong mistake or incorrect link in your html code and the linked page simply do not load correctly. The defined pages will never be visited. Also your visitors don't to and on wrong linked pages. Remember that your website should look professional, if you expect professionalism of your people in your the company, why not do the same for your website. People who end up on error pages, wrong pages will mostly left your website immediately.

The images in your website needs to have a reference and also an Alt text that so visitor makes clear what there is to see in that picture if you go over it with the mouse.

Make happy pictures with lots of color, preferably with sunlight.
Make sure the key is clearly posted on the photo without a lot of distractions.

Or even better: ask a photographer to take professional photos for your website.

With FastStone Photo Resizer you can make the smallest possible jpg files without quality loss.

Free programs to helps to build and optimize your website.

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