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The Incas, the decayed Indian tribe from South America

The Incas were an indigenous people living in the northwest of South America, in the Andes. The heyday of the Inca civilization lasted roughly from 1438 to 1532, so only a century.

The entire kingdom was destroyed by the Spaniards under Francisco Pizarro.w., All the gold was looted. For the Incas gold meant nothing but for the Spaniards was is true wealth.

Many contemporary buildings in the Peruvian town Qosqo (Cuzco) are built on the remains of ancient Inca buildings, because Cuzco was the capital of the empire.

The Incas were great architects. They built bridges over rivers, great forts, and beautiful cities with temples. They knew how to cultivate the mountains by building terraces on these mountains.

Machu Picchu is a good example of an architectural world wonder.
The walls of the buildings consisted of stones, which were so placed into each other, that there was no need of cement.

To ensure that the moon and the sun would not stop, stones were placed on the mountain tops.
The sun god was called Inti, the moon god Quilla.
The Incas believed in the power of the sun as a benefactor of the Earth.
The Sun was often honored with solar festivals.

The leader of the Incas was the Sapa Inca. He was an absolute ruler.
He married his blood sister, the Qilla.
The Sapa Inca was considered the direct descendant of the sun.

The Incas lived from agriculture. The Inca farmers irrigated and fertilized the land to grew more than 20 products, such as corn, potatoes, cocoa, tomatoes and tobacco.

In other parts of the world these they did not know very long how to cultivate the land.

The Incas believed in a life after death and they also worshiped their ancestors.
The bodies of their ancestors were the main objects within the realm.
It was as if they were still alive, because the Incas spoke to their fathers about things that were happening just as the Mayans predicted the future by analyzing the space.

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