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Cerebral hemorrhage early detection in order to save lives

This is about saving a human life with the letters "T.L.A.T."

An example: During a BBQ party a woman stumbled and fell. She assured everyone that she was not hurt and rejected medical help. Their own words: 'She fell over a stone because of wearing her new shoes.

They fashioned her a bit and give her a new plate of food. She was a bit upset but had a good time for the rest of the evening.

However, her husband, called after the BBQ everyone with the announcement that his wife was taken to the hospital .. At 06.00 o'clock Jane died.

She had a stroke at the BBQ. Jane would be still alive if they had known what the signs of an infarction are. Some, however, do not die, but are disabled; helpless and hopeless.

Please take one minute to read...

A neurologist says that if someone has a stroke that the effects of an attack completely can be reversed within 3 hours.

According to him, the trick is to recognize the signals and ensure that the patient is with the doctor or in a hospital within 3 hours.

Sometimes it is hard to see that it is a brain disorder. Unfortunately, the result is a disaster. The victim may have suffered brain damage if bystanders are unable to recognize the symptoms.

Read this and learn it by heart!!

Bystanders can recognize a stroke by only giving the patient four simple commands:

T - Talk: let the person speak a simple sentence

L - Laugh: Ask the victim to laugh

A - Arms up: let the person stabbing up both arms simultaneously

T - Tongue: ask to tongue stabbing

If he or she has trouble with any of these commands than call emergency immediatly and describe the symptoms to the operator.

If you share this with your friends than, you and your loved ones, can protect each other from a brain hemorrhage.

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