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Toast of scampi with onion for 2 persons

This can be prepared as a small dish or toasts for the aperitif.

- 1 half onion
- 6 scampi
- Pepper
- Salt
- Dried, chopped parsley or fresh chopped parsley.
- Toast bread
- 100g butter

1. Put a small bowl on the fire.
2. Melt 100g butter.
3. Cut the half onion into small cubes and stew them in butter.
4. Cut each scampi in 4 small pieces and add it to the stew.
5. Add some pepper and salt
6. Add the chopped dry parsley. This can also with fresh chopped parsley. This dish has a green touch and extra flavor.
7. Serve on toast sandwich or small toasts to easily share the aperitif.

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