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Paus Franciscus

Mario Bergolio as Cardinal in 2008
On march the 13th of 2013 was the Argentinian kardinal Jorge Mario Bergolio elected to pope at the age of 76. This after a conclave lasting 26 hours. About 19h there was white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. The new pope was elected.

He replaces Benedict XVI (pope from 2005 till 2013). Pope Benedict XVI felt it was time to resign. He called all the 115 cardinals of the world together to have a new conclave. In the last conclave of 2005 Bergolio was ended as second favorite to be pope. The german Joseph Ratzinger Aloisius then became pope in 2005. But now Bergolio is elected as pope.

Pope Francis is the first non-European pope ever. He is from Buenos Aires and is now the 266ste Pope of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio is actually a Jesuit and was Archbishop of Buenos Aires since 2001. He is honored for his simple life and standing up for the weaker and disadvantaged people in and around Buenos Aires. His task now is to refrom the church. His knowledge of languages ​​and psychology comes very handy.

Why the name Franciscus?
Bergoglio chose the name Franciscus that refers to the Saint Franciscus of Assisi and to Francis Xavier, founder of the Jesuit order.

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