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Difference between CC and BCC in a mail

How to mail your friends or business people in a correct way?

You have 3 different ways to send a mail, the only thing for you to do is pick the wright one.

Below we describe the 3 possibility's to send a mail.

Displays all the recipients you want to send an e-mail to.

CC: Carbon Copy
To inform another person that you sent an e-mail to someone. This is visible to the people in the address 'To'.

BCC: Blind Carbon Copy
To another person to keep, but this is not visible to people in the address 'To'.
BCC is widely used to send an email to multiple people without displaying all the mail address you sent to.

These are the differences between CC and BCC. So think twice before to who you want to mail and use the correct method so the mail reach the right person.

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