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The Winklevoss twins and Paul Ceglia are putting Mark Zuckerberg in to troubles

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Mark Zuckerberg faces new legal actions for the ownership of the website 'Facebook'.

The Winklevoss twins are claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea of a 'Don't like' button for his Facebook.

Paul Ceglia said that Zuckerberg signed a contract with him that shows that he should be entitled to the lion's share of the business because of the various matters related to 'thefacebook', known in the earlier days.

Ceglia claims that he hired Zuckerberg in 2003 to do some coding for a site called Streetfax (now known as StreetDelivery). Zuckerberg was paid $1.000 for a 'work for hire' contract. Ceglia has contended in court, and then put to work on a project called 'The Face Book' or 'The Page Book' in which Ceglia invested $1,000.

Certainly, when Facebook first launched, it was called 'thefacebook', but the other details are disputed by Facebook and Zuckerberg's lawyers.

Ceglia first filed suit last summer, and has now added extra evidence in the form of the emails.

But the case is even more complicated. Andrew Logan, founder and chief executive of the company StreetDelivery, claims that in 2003 Ceglia was working for him at the time he claims to have hired Zuckerberg to code Streetfax.

That could mean that Ceglia's hiring of Zuckerberg, and any intellectual property created there, actually reverts to Logan Andrew. For Ceglia, even if he wins he might lose.

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