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Unique Facebook Logo's (Logos), Icons, Badges and Buttons

For those who are wondering how to get glossy logo's of their favorite web application: Facebook... You don't need to wonder any more. You even don't have to make them anymore because we already made some perspective Facebook logo's (icons) for you.
Feel free to download and use these unique, shiny, glossy, high end Facebook logo's.

Specifications of the images:
Made and transformed with Gimp 2.6.
Saved as PNG (Portable Network Graphics).
Resolution for all files: 512 x 512 pixels.
Normal Facebook Logo

Perspective Facebook Logo

Frog Perspective Facebook Logo

Perspective Facebook Logo

Mirrored Facebook Logo
Bird perspective Facebook Logo
Curved Facebook Logo
Curved and Shadowed Facebook Logo

Curved, Shadowed, dark and bold edged Facebook Logo

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Unique Facebook Logo's (Logos), Icons, Badges and Buttons
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Vanessa Jacomilla said...

Thanks for the ton of tangible help. I was also confuse that how designers make glorry logo designs.

Innocent Saqib said...

A logo outline must have some space for adjustment since modifications in the marketable strategies and techniques frequently request important changes. logo design

Mark John said...

In the whole collection, i liked Curved and Shadowed Facebook logo is the best one here!

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