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Send2Deliver for mailing bigger files - alternatives

Do you need more space for sending your e-mail with a big attachment? Than Send2Delivere was a good website to do this. It was simple and worked fast and you didn't need to register. You just had to upload the files and copy the link of your files in to your mail. Google didn't display your files in their results so that's nice for your privacy. After uploading the large files, you can send your mail trough the Send2Deliver service. It's as simple as it is and easy to use.
But the Send2Deliver website has stopped their service.
The website is now in hands of a webdevelopper called CoolCreations.

Hotmail? GMail?
Hotmail and GMail can send attachments with a maximum of 25 MB. But this is not big enough for some of us.

So what are the alternatives for mailing big files?

SkyDrive or Google Drive. You can upload your files to the SkyDrive of your Hotmail and link to it in your mail. Google has a similar service called Google Drive that can be reached in a Google Account.

Dropbox is also a good known alterative for uploading and downloading big files. It even synchronize a folder on your hard disk.

Other Alternatives (offline)

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